Monday, November 26, 2012

City of Digital Lights!

Hello and Happy Monday!

As per our date, eh.. Bila pulak ada date ni? Today entry is about outdated moments, but I would like to share with u guys and please enjoy! It's called I-City, located in Section 7 Commercial, Shah Alam.
P/s : Thanks to Syukrillah Jamaluddin kerana sabar melayan kerenah aku yg sangat suka camera, HAHAHA!

May, 2012

Underneath these lights


Red & Blue


Here's my friend. The photographer.

Cantik kan?

Oh, comelnya aku! Lalala


Muka selenga

Ferris Wheel

I love the background!

Ferris Wheel, teringin nak naik. Tapi tak naik pun..

Pirate ship

Flamingo, wink wink


Snowalk at i-City

Sekarang I-city bukan sekadar City of Digital Lights, It's a Water Theme Park also!
Aku tak pergi lagi, nanti if aku pergi sana.. I'll update the pictures with u guys. 
Promise, cross my heart! For more info visit  : I-city Water Theme Park.
See you around guys. Bohbye! XOXO