Friday, January 11, 2013


Hi everybody!
How are you? Sorry about the last entry yg meroyan macam org gila.
Yes,I am almost going crazy. 
Entry yg banyak mendapat perhatian & memalukan diri aku sendiri, hahaha!
But I'm not going to delete that entry, just leave it there.

As far as I concerned about myself, currently I'm not in a very good mood.

And it took me about 1 month to get over it.
Heh, such a waste of time until I realized when my cousin said 
"I'm not asking you to looking up or down, but looking around you lah!"
Hahaha, so true! I'm just too busy looking up, and forgot to look down or to look around.
Oh, can you understand that? >_<
Tak paham? Buat2 paham je lah, because I'm not gonna explain that.
Sebenarnya aku pun dah bosan berada dalam mood tak berapa nak baik.
I need something new to cheer me up, and there's 99% possibility I don't give a fuck about.
But that's not the point is, what I'm trying to say is..
I'm going to change it. 
I'm gonna change my mood, 
I'm gonna change my aim/goals,
I'm gonna change my attitude, 
I'm gonna change my taste, 
I'm gonna change my perceptions about people,
I'm gonna change my everything. LOL

Enough, that's all I got to say.

See ya in the next entry.
I know this is nothing, but this means everything to me, hahah!
Bye, XOXO! 

Songs of the Day

Girls Aloud - Something New

The Veronicas - 4Ever