Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Hello guys!
This is my first entry for 2013.
I know it's a day late but.. Happy New Year guys!
Oh my, cepatnya 2012 berlalu. 
Aku rasa macam belum sedia lagi nak menghadapi tahun 2013 ni.. 
But time doesn't stop for anybody.
I have no choice but to face it. Ahh, it's hard to say goodbye to 2012.
Not a good start for a new year actually. Still serabut, uptight, and bla3.. 
I can't even express it with words! Arghhh...
New year aku di sambut dgn bunyi letusan bunga api di I-city 
dan membangunkan aku dari tidur yg panjang,
Aku tido dari tahun 2012 sampai 2013 kot! *Joking only*
Then wish Happy new year kat Twitter & get back to sleep.
1 JANUARY 2013 is like a long day..
I have to get up and move on with my life..
On the day, just hanging out with my sister and do some shopping only..
At least I can ease my troubled mind a bit.. Zzz

Times Square
My lunch. Bread story & Cool Blog Red Tea Peppermint 

This is my favorite watch. Bought on 1 January 2012.
I'll take care of it, and always love it as long this watch still want me, hahahaah!
1 year old already!

And yes, I'm thinking to get a new job.
I just can't stand working in environment that smothering me,
I'm not happy at all! Lots of busybody,spys and stalkers.
Wish me luck for my next interview.
Maybe with new job, will appear a new spirit too!
May the year 2013 will be excellent and total awesome!
Oh yeah! Bye for now ^^