Friday, February 1, 2013

Staff Performance Appraisal

What it is Staff Performance Appraisal and what it is for?

The main objective is to measure the staff's performance with regards to the job requirements & the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours related to the job.I is also an avenue to provide clear feedback to the employee on their performance in achieving specific objectives as set by the company.

Section 1 : Personal Information Portfolio
Section 2 : Performance Appraisal
Section 3 : Comments & Feedback
Section 4 : Employee Endorsement
and bla bla bla.. Too many sections to fill up in the form!!

Ahh, whatever.. Teruk jugak la aku masa kena interview GM..
Actually I don't really care about this appraisal, but GM said he want to give me a good increment this year.
It's just.. I don't have so much heart to continue working here anymore... And it's not just about the money.
Words would never takes my place, when I know I'm going to leave this place soon...
But maybe I can stay a lil bit longer, who knows? I'll think about it..