Sunday, June 22, 2014

Everything Has Changed...

Everything has changed since this day..

Why and what? Hard to explain, and you won't understand. :)
I better keep this to myself only.

Oh ya.. It's been a while I haven't upate anything since my last trip to Bali in February, ahaha.
I know, quite busy managing own life just to make sure everything in the right place..

Dear Diary by Mocca ;)

18th May 2014

Be having our dinner in Chili's Bangsar.
In this entry I would like to introduce her, Basma.

She's a traveler from Morrocco, currently staying in Paris.
She's on 6 months trip all around Asia and Malaysia is her 2nd country visited after Indonesia.
I hosted her for 2 nights. She's a friend to my boy friend, met through Couchsurfing.

I feel like extra CUTE in this picture.

Merdeka Square

Then chilling in VIEW Rooftop Bar.

I don't really like like this type of place because it's noisy and suffocating.

Me and Basma

Basma, me and my sister
All of us are FAT! 

 19th May 2014

Whoah.. First time to KLIA2. Time to say bye bye to Basma.

Until we see you again next year, in Paris. hahaha!