Thursday, January 1, 2015

Xmas to New Year 2015

The first entry of 2015, wehoo!!
Happy new year everyone! Wishing you all have a great year!

25 Dec 2014, Thursday

In Malacca again, yay!
It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Menara Taming Sari
RM15 per entrance with IC

Tasa takut tinggi

Ahh.. Takut tinggi, siput babi

Walking around...

  St. Paul Hill

 Dinner in Umbai. Only RM40 for 3 person. Hahahaha!

Dah kenyang, aummmmmm
 26 Dec 2014, Friday

It was raining from midnight until 3pm

Coconut shake Pantai Klebang

Fried banana with cheese
 A Famosa

 Melaka River Cruise
RM15 with IC


 The river cruise takes about 45 minutes. Worth my money,yeah!

 Jonker Street

 27 Dec 2014, Saturday
Kampung Morten


 Villa Sentosa

kahkahakah, muka sama!

 Such a beautiful house!

 Kampung Morten Bridge

Ok, that's the story.
Until see ya gain in the next entry.