Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIY - Laptop Sleeve and Laptop Stand (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)

- old towel
- fabric of your choice
- scissors

Measure your laptop and cut both fabric and towel with 1-inch allowance. 
Sew it together


Bend it as you wish

Stick some duct tape to secure the book end to the box

Yeah, final result.

Love Celebration

Hello everyone, it's been a while eh.
Well, this entry is just another love celebrating day in my family.

My auntie, she's 41 years old and finally get married! Congratulations!
Get pregnant soon! Hahahaha!

07 November, 2015

A wedding photo shoot. Not by me, of course.
I'm just the driver. 

Makeup by me, so natural. hahaha

Groom's side wedding at night.

Makeup by me, as well. Hahahaha

Kuda Kepang

When hungry

Taken by Darish
  08 November, 2015

With the wedding photographer, a.k.a my new friends! Hahaha!

free Ice cream DJ
 The catering. Well, I'm the first one to taste.

Tapai pulut, mmmmmm


The best rose jelly ever, made by my grandma

Testing my camera


Keisha, she's so cute!

Darish's girlfriend

When my father singing....

Loving couple, get fat together :)

They're still available, just in case nak masuk meminang, hahaha!

Who took this picture???

Candid as fuck