Friday, January 8, 2016

Langkawi Trip 2015

I planned this trip 2 months before going because I know it's a peak season.

We drove to Kuala Perlis Jetty, it's a long long long drive! It took us about 7 hours from Shah Alam to reached the jetty. I don't wanna do it anymore! It's better to take the bus, or fly.
Time of  Departure : 10:30pm, 23 Dec 2015
Time of Arrival : 5.30am, 24 Dec 2015

Thanks to Waze, LOL. That's Nadia, who's driving
We took a nap at the parking lot until 7.30am.

Inside the ferry wefie

Welcome to Langkawi!
At Kuah Terminal Jetty, Langkawi
We rent a car, booked two months before with RM50 deposit.
Picanto, RM200 for 48 hours. It's counter number 13 behind 7 eleven if I'm not mistaken. hahahaha!
We collected the car at exactly 10am.

We got our maps and went to SKYTREX ADVENTURE.
We chose the Eagle Thrill. RM60 (Walk-in price)
If you book online, you can save RM5.

flying fox

Yeah, basically I know how hard this could be. But Nadia and Natasa they had no idea at that time.
I'm the one keeping pushing Nadia to go ahead because she almost gave up in the middle of the adventure. But she didn't, phewww!

She almost give up

It's damn hot, and we're sweating like pig. We can't even grip our hands properly.
I even hurt my fingers because too much of doing flying fox.
Urgh! I still  can remember the pain and struggle.

Thanks to the boys behind us because keep pushing her to go!

 When Natasa start taking a selfie...

Durian Perangin Waterfall

25 December 2015, Saturday

Me and hotel cat. Morning face, LOL

can you see my tired face with a cup of coffee?LOL
 We went for Island Hopping at 9am. Only RM35 per person (boat sharing)

Lama dah tak makan nasi LEMAK! 
 It wouldn't be complete without selfies, or wefies.

Can you the figure of pregnant woman? That's Dayang Bunting Island

 When Natasa start talking selfies...


Welcome to Pulau Beras Basah!

RM10. Our souvenir. 
Our lunch

Welcome to Seven Well Waterfall  

I laughed way too hard at this because that bird didn't even look like a hornbill.
And there are giant scorpions and spiders, LOL!

Driving to the top of a mountain is one of my dream. LOL
It came true!

Our dinner

Why am I not in the picture? 
26 December 2015, Saturday

We checked out early, about 6.45am just to queue up. The ticket counter only open at 7.30am.

We are too broke

Welcome to SkyCab!

We are among the lucky one, first boarding at 8am.
Inside the SkyDome


RM5 - Skybridge. RM15 - Skybridge + SkyGlide

Touched down.

See the queue?

Lunch nearby the Jetty Area.
Just me and Natasa went to Eagle Square because Nadia not feeling well. 

Shopping for chocolates! Hahahaah!

Waiting for our ferry 

Bye bye Langkawi!
 Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal 

We reached Shah Alam about 2.30am.