Monday, January 11, 2016

Singapore 2016

How it all started.
7:45 AM - 30 Dec 2015 thoughts.

Then the right person coming along..

While waiting for Natasa at KL Sentral

We reached Beach Road, Singapore at 10.30PM 31 December 2015

We took the public bus to Marina Bay.

 We slept on the floor outside the Shoppers at Marina Bay Sands. And surprisingly I slept well. LOL

 Happy NEW YEAR 2016!

We've been chasing the hop on hop off bus for 1 hour. I called it morning work out.

 China Town

 Brunch, LOL

hujan pulak tetiba

But I didn't. I decide to stay another night, alone. After they left, I continue my journey to
Singapore Botanic Gardens. It's awkward to be alone, but it's good tho.

Just asked a stranger to take photo of me, LOL

China Town. I chose to stay in China Town because it's quite cheap compare to other places.

10.30PM. SGD25
Then I told the receptionist about my sad stories, that i only had SGD30 in my pocket right now.
She discounted me, SGD23 final price, okay whatever. I just need a place to stay! I need to shower, and charge my phone! I didn't take shower since 31 December 2015, can you imagine how smelly am I? I can't even stand myself, bahahahah!

That's my bed, LOL

a selfie before taking shower

My dinner, at 11.30pm

Yeah basically SGD5 for dinner, and SGD10 for survenirs.

Natasa booked my ticket back home on the same night. Thanks Natasa!

02 January, 2015 Saturday

My last ride of hop-on hop-off to Little India

My pick up point

Breakfast time! So hangry!

Garlic naan and hot coffee

Tired of waiting

I just took a walk before my bus reaching. Damn long wait, 2 hours!
My bus only reached at 12.30pm. (scheduled 10.30am). LOL
before take a nap selfie
I reached TBS at 8.30pm. Fucking 8 hours.

I can take selfie everywhere, LOL
My dinner at Pecal Lele, Padang Jawa.
The last meal I had was breakfast, sobs.